Everyone has a different medium in which they tell their story – or the stories of others – but very rarely are those stories exactly as it happened. We view and relate life through various lenses. Like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two are ever exactly alike. (Unless the snowflake was ‘grown’ in a lab. I hear they are attempting such things.) In tandem with my photography, this blog is yet another way for me to tell my story.

Not exactly as it happens, but through my lens; based on a true story.

– – –

Based on a True Story comes from the notion that, at least with Hollywood cinema, the slightest deviation from the accepted norm or artistic intend can be taken in life, so long as it is prefaced with the words “based on a true story” or based on actual events, but that has less of a ring to it.
My intention is not to disguise the truth or blur the line, but to merely highlight just how much life is a perception of one’s own reality. Everything is taken through a filter. There will always be he said/she said. This is my platform to tell my side of the story. Through my lens. My filter. “Based on a True Story” is a phrase and notion I’ve kept with me for much of my life, so I felt it was a natural title when I started my blog. It was the only direction I had in the beginning. Until I discovered my passion for photography, that is. Beginning in the spring of 2011, I began documenting my pursuit of a life of photography. It’s been a slow start, but a year later, I’m picking up serious steam. I don’t know where life takes me, but photography will certainly be a major part.

Elizabolt is the “superhero” persona bestowed upon me during my first semester of college and is a combination of my first and last names: Elizabeth Oltman.
I am a recent graduate of Austin College  with my BA in Political Science and Communications, with an emphasis in Theatre – but if you’ve read this far, you know my passion lies in photography.
I take daily inspiration from the fashion industry and, likewise, editorial photographers.
I am enamored of typography and thoughtful elements of design.
I’m not sure what my next steps will be, but some of the best moments in life are the unpredictable ones.
Also, I prefer lowercase to capitals, especially where my name is concerned.

I use a variety of cameras, ranging from my Nikon D3100 (dslr) to a Canon AE1 (35mm, slr) to an original Diana (120) to the camera on my iPhone 4S. I try to post much of my work onto my Flickr photo-stream and there’s a handy tool which details the specific camera used.



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