en flux


This is quite possibly my last weekend to work in theatre. I designed the lights for Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story at Austin College – and I JUST found out that one of my photographs of the show accompanies the official press release! It is a very bittersweet time. Auditions for our next show, You Can’t Take It With You, is this coming Monday, but I have decided that I need to take this time to focus on my photography. It was a difficult decision to come to, but I know it is absolutely the right one.

Another difficult decision I made this week is in regards to my series for Art Senior Conference. I had originally proposed to explore the relationship between women and their makeup through the application of tribal warpaint, an idea I’m still very interested in, but I have to put it aside for now. I realized this week that I simply do not yet possess the skill nor the time to fully realize my vision and am enough of a perfectionist that to dedicate myself exclusively to an endeavor that may, in my eyes, fail is a slight waste of time. So I am modifying my intent for the semester and shelving the warpaint idea, instead I’m tossing around a few possibilities, like a pictorial love letter to my hometown. I recognize that to grow as a photographer, I need to not only play to my strengths, but confront my weaknesses and while my biggest weakness is portraiture, my strengths lie in what I’m calling Sherman Still Life. which would be an AWESOME title for a show… I really don’t know which direction to go… Maybe I should meet with Tracz and talk it out or maybe I should meditate on it more. Or better still, maybe I should continue to challenge myself while photographing everything and see what themes shake out.

Feel free to take a look at an assortment of my work. I would love outside opinions!



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