manifestos and the theatrical debutante

I know I have been writing a lot about my theatre/photography paper, which is still all-consuming, but today I get a reprieve! Today I present to the world my manifesto. My professor never gave us a working definition of the Manifesto, so… Essentially, for the purposes of my senior seminar, the Manifesto is the debutante ball. It’s the declaration of oneself as artist to the world outside of Austin College.

Earlier in the semester, I had delusions of grandeur about what my manifesto could be. I wanted to stage a gallery show of my theatrical photography in our arena theatre. And with three weeks and no finals/holidays/RA issues/etc. to juggle, I would have. Then reality set in. I don’t have the time to stage a gallery – and even if I did, is that really the best indication of who I am as artist? I held on to that delusion til the last possible moment, collecting my old photographs, photographing a few of my fellow actors in a studio environment (which I had never done before!), and the like.

Then, last night, it all clicked. My manifesto certainly centers around the theatre and photography, but where do I really fit in? What piece was missing? Comfort Zones.  Where am I comfortable as a photographer?  Where am I comfortable as thespian? How do I take my insecurities in one field and transform them through the lens of the other? That’s really what it boils down to: I use my strengths in each field to give my work in the other field more depth. Having never done studio work and unsure of myself as a director, I selected strong actors as models – people I was comfortable having a dialogue with; a theatrical collaboration. By walking through headshots, audition monologues, basic acting warm-ups, and reliving past scene work, we created some beautiful photographs.

My presentation is this afternoon, so this evening I plan to upload the album, as well as my artist’s statement, to my many and varied platforms – flickr, facebook, google+, etc. edit: the google+ album is currently up so please take a look!

Then it’s two full days of writing. about my two passions. so. pumped.



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