living life on a 3×5

I have reduced my life to a series of index cards…

My professor suggested weeks ago that we should take key quotes, ideas, phrases and write them on index cards to better visually arrange our paper. brilliant! This is exactly the system I wish I had before my senior year of college… not that I would have used it I already have a better sense for the direction of this very big and very (seemingly) scary paper. Except now my life is overrun with index cards. Last night, during a very serious and formal ceremony, I was juggling up to six index cards at any given time – without pockets, tucking them in the waistband of my skirt, in my tights, in my friend’s back pocket, etc.  – and two of them were duplicates of another two, except these were peppered with quotation marks. I really love this system for writing my paper, but like most things in which I live in excess, these little pieces of paper may be the death of me.

now, back to your regularly scheduled programming. and my unwritten paper.



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