point of view

I know it has been a long time since I’ve posted much of anything, but I have been very busy: I have my campus style blog, a handful of research papers, a manifesto to realize, and a horde of actors to photograph, but I got a beautiful Nikon D3100 from my pappa for my birthday and it is utterly amazing! OH! And I’ve discovered my point of view as a photographer. I guess I should give the whole set up…

As a theatre major at my college, our senior seminar requires a ridiculous research paper on a special topic in theatre. Realizing my opportunity, I decided to focus on the relationship between theatre and photography. Two months ago, that’s all I had. A week ago, I didn’t have much else. Today, I know the meaning of life. The following is my rough abstract (due last week):

When photography is mentioned in the context of the theatre industry, it is often relegated to the trivial and incidental elements of the institution; yet when well executed, theatre photography can be a vital tool for practitioners of the theatre. More than just head shots and mementos, theatre photography serves to document the nuances of the theatre that words never can. This paper seeks to establish the importance of the photographer in the theatrical process by analyzing the proper tactics for a photographer to interact with both production and company in such a way that everyone may benefit.

We spent a great deal of the class talking about what this means and I suddenly realized that my paper is the Ethics of Theatre Photography. The ideal social contract , if you will. (And now I’m pulling in my PoliSci major. Look at me go!) If you are totally lost, I will happily explain it to you individually, or I’ll post the paper once I’m done.

And now, this might be a bit anticlimactic, but I come to my p-o-v. I’ve been struggling (self-imposed, of course) with figuring out what I want out of my medium and myself for some time and I think that I aim to capture the honesty in the visual world. I prefer the spontaneous, un-staged truth of life. This might make me a passive photographer to some, but I believe that I am just as active by seeking out the image – as opposed to creating it. I am, however, trying to broaden my horizons and my next assignment (once again, self-imposed) is to stage portraits of my fellow thespians. I am an awkward director, but I need the experience, the photos for my portfolio/manifesto, and they want the headshots. Hopefully I will be posting my thoughts on the actual experience soon. Which reminds me… I need to get a move-on.



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