guilty pleasures

So with this blog and my new lease on photographic life, I started doing a lot more research regarding editorial stylings for fashion photography (i.e. so many magazines!). In my free time at my wonderful day job (switchboard operator for the campus. glamorous, I know.), I started seeking fashion blogs.

I am addicted.

In addition to being a lover of all things photography, my love of fashion ranks pretty high up on my list of great loves. It has gotten to the point – in  week’s worth of internet stumblings (since it is a campus job, I work approx. 8 hrs/week) – that I have completely forgone any pretense of photographic inspiration and am now just lost. Slight exaggeration, but you get my point.

I did want to thank those blogs that even distract me during classes inspire me daily:

Coco’s Tea Party

The Sartorialist

Painfully Hip

The New Professional

Penny Lane Style

♥ elizabeth

[and perfect timing – I am at work and finished this post just before 5 pm on Friday. Have a lovely weekend!]


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