a matter of deduction

All semester, I’ve been distraught. embarrassed. itchy.

I have eczema. dermatitis. dry, itchy skin. And I’ve figured out why.

The darkroom chemistry. No one in my course uses the tongs to move prints from one chemical to another and that “no one” includes me. I figured that bit out. My hads are awful because I live in the darkroom. But why do I have eczema on my legs and feet? Well, I’ve worn bumabout shorts to make enlargements a few times. And I work better [with anything.. except where strictly forbidden] barefoot. It all clicked yesterday. I was developing and making prints with my dear photog-buddy, layne, and we were discussing the unsightly discomfort over prints in the developer. She mentioned getting chemicals on her arms, which made me pay more attention to where the chemicals landed on me.

I think I have a plan. I have some medicated eczema-nixing lotion for my hands, but if I don’t wear jeans one day, I’ll be sure to shower immediately after class. And I’ll just watch [and wash] my bare feet. I’ll letyou know how it goes. or not.


2 thoughts on “a matter of deduction

  1. Interesting. You’ve got to be pretty careful about long term exposure to those chems, I met a photographer who used to work in a lab and always handled prints by hand, ten years later had himself a pretty nasty skin condition on his fingers.

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