let’s get down to businesss…

…to defeat

…the Huns.

Ok, now that that is over, let me begin: For as long as I’ve had this blog, it has been an unfocused dumping ground. An experiment in new media. The only thing that’s been at the (very unfocused) heart of it is my photography.

Well, I announce today that this blog has found its direction and so have I. I intend to document my journey through photography, from student to professional.

As it stands now, I am working to declare my art minor (on top of a double major) and am in a black & white photography class. I am looking for a summer job in photography – preferably in North Texas – and working to piece together a portfolio.

[I got the idea to focus my blog while reading EmergingPhotographer‘s Spring 2011 issue.]


One thought on “let’s get down to businesss…

  1. I LOVE this idea (and, of course, the title. :-)) It would be awesome if you do so happen to carry this on through your professional career. I would love to remain updated on where you are in your career/photography life. I know you’re going to go far, my dear. You can make me look decent and that’s no easy task. 😉 I love our new tradition, and being your model! Keep your head and hopes up. I have faith in you.

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