office appropriate

I love clothes.

I love working in a “business-casual” work environment. I love figuring out what fresh approach I’ll take on each day’s outfit. Yes, they are ‘outfits.’

Two summers ago I worked as a painter of dackdrops for photographers. I had to wear the rattiest of paint-clothes and, given the work environment, took a vacation from any and all makeup and hair products. Now, prior to this – and even now – I use the bare minimum in both. But, let’s say, I appreciate good production values.

That job gave me new appreciation for office attire.

This summer I’m working in an office environment that has become considerably more relaxed in the last year. Open-toed shoes are allowed. Men are no longer required to wear ties and women are freed from hosiery. I enjoy working here, and playing the part of smartly-dressed intern. Even if I go unseen.

I’m not invisible in the usual “invisible intern” sense  – well, I am, a bit, but it’s really the cubicles.  They do a great job partitioning off each work-area. I only tend to interact with my cell-mate and supervisor. I rarely pass others unless it’s lunch or quittin’-time. And even then, rare. But I still take care in my appearance. And I enjoy getting all gussied up in the mornings, because I know all too well about the alternative.


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