deja vu.

So the spring semester has come and gone – so many things have changed! Thinking back on the month I spent abroad (January 2010) , it feels like a year has passed.

Probably the most fascinating thing about traveling on JanTerm was how familiar London felt. I don’t mean to say it was familiar in the sense that it’s the backdrop for so many movies/books/tv shows I have fallen in love with. There were certain individuals I interacted with in London that I remembered. People I had never met. I had the strangest feeling that I had known them. Particularly a certain group of posh Londoners I encountered standing in line for the Vampire Weekend Contra – Release Party. They would certainly cringe at my assessment of them as ‘posh’ because they drunkenly tried to convince me that they were anything but. As we stood in line together, comparing my world to theirs, I felt like I knew each one of them.

I get the strong feeling that London isn’t done with me, which is all well and good. I’m not done with London, myself.


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