hibernation tactics

Well, another semester has come to a close and I seem to have made it out alive. Fall 2009 – Finals Weeks has been particularly hellish, what with tons of papers and extensions, oh and that case of (self-diagnosed) sinusitis I had all week. I barely found time to support my friends in the campus improv troupe, P.S., during their biannual “Finals Study-Break” performance. [As official P.S. photographer, I will likely fwd pictures of the show to campus paper, The Observer.] My time was so consumed by academia that I found no time to work at either of my on-campus jobs. Tomorrow morning, I return to my empty campus to work those hours that I missed. Don’t tell, but I plan on roaming around campus with my camera in-hand during some of that time. I might even roam around the library some. My photographic juices are flowing – likely due to my sudden ShakeIt Photo obsession, recent flickr account creation and need for other things to post here.

Well, I’m off to enjoy the last fleeting hours of freedom-ish before I return to the daily grind.

Check back here soon, ya hear!


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